Indoor Locations

Location, location, location

Posted by Dave Richardson on March 3, 2017

Now that you have qualified the Event (see Event Planning), where should you sell?

Yup this is a tough one. But let's break your quest into two possibilities:

  • Multi-isle with curtained walls
  • Themed event with no apparent structure

Multi-isle with curtained walls

  1. Study the floor layout carefully and imagine yourself waking through the entrance doors
  2. Which isle would you go down first? (usually people start to go down either the far right isle (perimeter) or Center isle and continue in a circular fashion)
  3. Which booths do you usually look at first? (Usually booths located to the right of you as you walk the isle.)
  4. Where are the washrooms? (people usually have to go there at least once)
  5. Where is the food? (people usually have to eat too!)

Sales Tips

Traffic flow is critical. If you get on the wrong side of the flow- the show could be a complete loss. Take the time to evaluate the flow and you may have to decide to go with a corner location if the show warrants it, just so that you have adequate exposure.

Today Show promoters have cancellations and they have a hidden stand-by list. If you are the gambling type and want to get into the show at a haggled price, think about it, but tell the promoters up-front.

Corner booth facing traffic flow on the perimeter of the show usually is a good bet for reasonably sized rectangular sites, but make sure that all the exhibitors show-up. If they don’t, promoters will frequently shrink the show and you’ll find that the promised spot that you were banking on is not there.

Themed event with no apparent structure

An example of this type of event is typically a “Caravan,” “Folklore,” “Octoberfest,” etc. Booze is usually liberally spread around and noise (loud ethnic music) is mandatory.

Seriously, one day to one week, these typically ethnic events have cheap rent and traditionally good sales. Displays should be easily portable and fairly professional. Back-peddle a bit on the signage a little bit, otherwise the booth will look too commercial.

Sales Tips

Check out a battery-backup or UPS (interruptible power supply). Depending on the type used, some can run your computer, printer and POS for hours! When it gets low, plug in another!

Outdoor events are usually the cheapest rent yet! $100. is quite common for a Games.