Light at the end of the Pandemic

(Finally, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel)

Posted by Nicole Hayes on May 21, 2021

Well the last couple of weeks have been a massive flurry of emails and calls. All of them so good!.

Bill Place has sent urgent emails needing credits while at a festival as he has been so busy, more so than expected. Well done Bill.

John and Mary Jo Morman have had their best festival yet out of the last three!

Danny and Lela Dunne needing credits as they have been busy in Australia too!

The UK are slowly opening up castles and venues meaning lots of prep is going on for the Hall of Names stands and Shops.

Wendy great chatting with you about your busy schedule too getting out and setting up new staff members in their new spots that is amazing.

All these great waves showing that we are all ready to throw the COVID Pandemic blanket off and bring some life, fun and sunshine back into our lives.

Canada is a little way behind you guys with vaccines and numbers decrease but we are positive we will get there and join you hopefully by the fall.

Great work everyone, I know a lot of hard work and putting a lot of things in place to be able to work the festivals and stands has gone on in the background. But your hard work is paying off and we are seeing the best numbers since before the shut down of March 2020.

Well done, keep it going and keep following your local protocols it is working.

Windows 10 updates

Further to our news update on the Windows 10 Drivers for Windows 10 Version 2004.

Our systems here have rolled up to a newer version of 20H2, and I can advise that the Windows Dongle Driver is working great.

If you rolled up to the latest version and need a reminder of how to download please check out our support page.