Increase Customer Retention

(The easiest sales!)

Posted by Nicole Hayes on February 8, 2018

Ensure your customers can find you for repeat orders or to purchase additional products. The software allows you to add in a Custom Footer for your company details, ensure you enter your name, email and website and telephone number. This ensures they return to you directly to spend more money.

It’s a great feature and it’s FREE.

Simple to use and easy to find!

We get lots of calls from customers looking for additional products that they purchased at the Fair/Stall. We can find you for the customer, but in some cases they are just unable to provide enough detail. These customers are routed to local licensees near them. That’s a lost sale if you didn’t add your Business details to the Custom Footer.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. TOOLS > OPTIONS > 2nd line on the screen > Custom Print Footer (optional)

  2. Enter your Custom footer including Company Name, website and toll free number

  3. Voila, every order will print your business contact info. Just sit back and wait for the orders